We have just had information of the oldest before releasing from Macallan, an 81-year-old solitary malt distilled in 1940. It’s called The Macallan Reach, and the product packaging will surely get individuals talking.

A week appears with the Macallan 1-6 price launching some old and uncommon whisky. It’s what they do. However, this latest release, referred to as the Macallan Reach, is most likely to get jaws going down for many reasons.

An 81-year-old Macallan

First of all, it’s very old. This will be an 81-year-old solitary malt, distilled in 1940 before the distillery folded for the duration of the 2nd world war.

Second of all, it is exceptionally rare. It comes from a single sherry-seasoned barrel; only 288 bottles have been filled.

But the most striking aspect of the Macallan 81 Years of Age isn’t the price, the age, or the rarity. It’s the packaging. We’re utilized to carved wood boxes and hand-blown decanters; however, the Macallan has gone to town/leaped the shark with this one.

Three hands

The Macallan Reach is available in a glass decanter, naturally, but then the decanter is held up by three hands cast in bronze. It resembles something from an advanced fantasy publication or things sacred to an ancient pagan cult.

According to the press bumf: “Each hand stands for characters in The Macallan’s background and their special story. One celebrates the Distillery workers of 1940 that crafted the spirit right into presence, in difficult times, over eight years earlier, whose grandpa headed the business when this remarkable spirit was first consigned to its barrel. The 3rd is that these days’ Master Whisky Manufacturer, who carefully selected the 1940 barrel used to develop The Reach, determined that now was the time to share this valuable whisky with the world.” So, there you go. It still looks truly scary. Click here for more details Macallan series 1-6.

Anyhow, we’re not the target audience. Master whisky manufacturer continued: “It is an honor to present The Reach. Produced during a turbulent time, this extraordinary expression showcases The Macallan’s background, resourcefulness, and distinct strength of character. With the development of several hands, The Reach has been a collaborative initiative. It’s also a homage to individuals that made this precious whisky and their long-lasting spirit, which never fluctuated.”