Step into any Briton’s home. and you will find their backyard sizzling with steak or veggies. Barbecue is a fanciful world for them. They need no reason to open their grill, stuff it with charcoal or wood chunks and burn them.

However, they just need the right grill along with appropriate accessories, that is perfect for their homes and parties.

BBQs2u knows exactly what their loyal and potential customers look for. Hence, they ensure that they have the franchise for the best brands around the world.

Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt BBQs, Napoleon BBQs, and Ooni Pizza Ovens are some of the brands they deal in. Each of them has USP that makes them special.

BBQs2u ensures that all products are at par with the current trend. Hence, they use newly launched products before introducing them in the UK market.

One of the recent most-liked products after Kamado Joe is the Masterbuilt Gravity series. Where Kamado Joe is the most traditional type of dome-shaped smoked grill, On the other hand, the Masterbuilt Gravity series is built with innovative technology.

About Masterbuilt 

Masterbuilt is one of the biggest BBQ brands in America, and in 2020, it introduced the first Masterbuilt ‘Gravity Series’ digitally controlled charcoal BBQ and smoker.

The “Gravity Series” makes charcoal grilling easy. It has all the flavour, fun, and personality that only charcoal can bring to the outdoor cooking experience. It’s as convenient, controllable, efficient, and clean as a gas BBQ.

With Masterbuilt you can sear, smoke, grill roast, bake and do much more than a simple barbecue may not be able to.

Their series consists of different models –

  • Masterbuilt Gravity 560
  • Masterbuilt Gravity 800
  • Masterbuilt Gravity 1050

Let’s look at their first series Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 560, which was their first launch and a perfect player for small gatherings.

About Masterbuilt Gravity 560

  • The 560 has a grill-like appearance.
  • It includes a lid and cooking box that are very standard.
  • The 560 doesn’t use gas to cook. On the right side, however, is a substantial charcoal hopper that is gravity-fed. It works similarly to the offset smokers that are common in barbecue restaurants.
  • Since the fuel and heat source are on the opposite side of the cooking area from the main chamber, heat and smoke are generated there.
  • For the 560, you pour charcoal into the top of this chamber, and a side door allows access to the bottom to clean out ash and light the charcoal from there.
  • The grill controls are located on a shelf on the left side of the Masterbuilt Gravity 560.
  • A fan helps in preserving the appropriate cooking temperature, much as pellet grills. To maintain heat and circulate it into the primary cooking area, the 560 blows air upward into the bottom of the charcoal hopper.
  • Each item has its button, eliminating the need for a rotating knob that requires a go of the menu. You can navigate the grill using a blue display or by using the Masterbuilt app.

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