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The CEO of Renault and Nissan Held a Reddit AMA and it was a Catastrophe

It’s still baffling that companies think they can get away with this sort of thing on the web, yet Ghosn and also the team at Renault/Nissan behind the AMA show up to have set up the session to make sure that the chief executive officer was fulfilled just with favorable, very easy questions developed by day-old accounts. Questions presented to Ghosn (that were amongst the just one he responded to, as he only offered actions to 20 questions) included “what was your first auto?” “Do you have any type of suggestions for a new Nissan sales person?” and also the embarrassingly sycophantic: “I’m a die hard Datsun/Nissan fan that is extremely thankful to see just how well the company has actually done with you at the helm as well as wishing to see a lot more years of ongoing success. My question is exactly how you see hydrogen fuel cells figuring in electrical cars and if Nissan/Renault are spending, or planning to spend, in this modern technology straight or through collaborations?”

The AMA began to arouse uncertainty after it made its method onto Reddit’s front web page, with individual HiimCaysE doing a little of investigatory job as well as discovering that every one of the concerns answered by Ghosn were uploaded by new accounts. The blog post itself additionally had favorable karma, the points granted to threads upvoted by the Reddit neighborhood, in the thousands, while its comments had not generated nearly as much, leading those in the string to additionally guess that the business had actually been shamelessly upvoting the article making use of dummy accounts in order for it to get to the front page of the site.

The AMA was kept in order to promote Nissan’s venture into self-driving cars and trucks, which the business pledge to carry the marketplace by 2020. Nonetheless, many have reservations about the tech, as well as this is most certainly why Renault/Nissan chose to gear the AMA to make sure that Ghosn didn’t have to face any kind of hard questions concerning their independent cars and trucks. Certainly, Ghosn’s answers and the softball questions posed to him by these day-old accounts were downvoted right into oblivion, and also in their area currently stands objections of the company as well as their self-driving automobiles, all resting on the front web page of among the biggest websites in the Western world, transforming this whole ordeal into a PR catastrophe.