Germ-free (GF) mice are laboratory animals that have no detected living organisms (including any microorganisms or parasites) internally or externally, based on the currently available detection methods. With its blank microbial background, it has become the “Gold Standard” for studying the physiological functions of microorganisms and organisms[1], and has frequently appeared in authoritative journals such as Nature, Science, and Cell. GemPharmatech has a leading production scale of GF mice and a complete microbial research service process. Since 2022, it has helped gut bacteria researchers publish articles with a cumulative impact factor (IF) approaching 400. More related information can be found at the link below.

[1]Wahl, A., Yao, W., Liao, B. et al. A germ-free humanized mouse model shows the contribution of resident microbiota to human-specific pathogen infection. Nat Biotechnol (2023).