Patents are the biggest resource of technological details. Patent are provided to the inventor as a reward for its innovation in the form of the prerogative of the monopoly for a period of two decades from the top priority date of the invention. As a result of innovation in the IT market and also internet, currently these important records are in the reach of the general public. Anybody experienced in the art can go through different patent data sources and also after a search can get the license file of their need. There are different patent databases viz, USPTO, EPO, JPO, etc easily open for the general public accessibility. If we go through the patents associated with a certain technical area, we will be able to discover the great deals of info regarding the life cycle of the technical innovation viz.,

o evolutionary course of a particular modern technology,

o technical development,

o technological diversification,

o innovation combines,

o major players in certain technical area,

o bottom lines of the certain modern technology,

” The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) revealed that 90% to 95% of all the world’s developments can be discovered in trademarked documents.”

Patent analysis can discloses extremely beneficial informations, which is not offered anywhere. After license search the critical part is the patent evaluation, as well as one need to be extremely concise concerning their objective of the research study. The information in the patent files can be made use of in different form according to the need and mapped appropriately to get the picture of the entire analysis in pictures.

Patent information can be made use of for the prep work of technical landscapes. Logistic maths as well as circle mathematics can be extremely useful in the plotting of the technical landscape. It can reveal the transformative fad of an innovation, just how it is progressed from a standard innovation, along with the duration of the technical diversification and also its nature. These maps will additionally provide the in-depth summary of the combining of the various modern technologies to give rise to break-through innovations. These kinds of maps will be very helpful for the R&D personals to evaluate the placement of their study as well as technology, and likewise they will certainly find method to much more innovate more advanced and beneficial modern technology.

In the today’s international context companies require to understand what modern technologies can rivals choke conveniently, as well as might be attempting to. They also require to recognize the spaces in technologies where competitors is intense, and the areas where rivals are concentrating their IP development as well as their R&D initiatives. They require to be able to track patent purchase and also advancement techniques and also chart out the affordable landscape. To evaluate modern technology before making any investment choice, companies need to know the speed of patenting activity in the innovation, which patents embody essential concepts in the technology and also how susceptible the company’s technologies are to patent violations. This will certainly provide much required details in deciding between modern technology advancement and also technology procurement.

The capability to essence relevant details from license literary works is a crucial success factor for any person involved in technological technology. The technology mapping strategy’s that can be utilized to transform patent info into knowledge that can affect decision-making.

Patents are an essential resource of technical intelligence that business can make use of to gain calculated advantage. Modern technology Knowledge is a can be utilized for event, assessing, projecting, and also taking care of exterior innovation relevant information, including license details. Computational license mapping is a technique for the advancement and application of a technology knowledgebase for technology and competitive knowledge. The primary deliverables of patent mapping is in the kind of expertise visualization through landscape as well as maps. These maps provide beneficial knowledge on modern technology evolution/revolution, nature of different types of introducing; large; pure; and emerging players, state-of-the-art evaluation, and so on.

These types of technological maps will verify to be a valuable multiplier in R&D and commercialization activities, in numerous ways including the following:

o Establishing further insights in response to critical needs and also policy formulation in the organization

o Forecasting and recognizing technical activities and trends in the market

o Helping in the visualization of alternative development and also growth paths readily available to the organization

o Making it possible for pre-emptive acknowledgment and action on possible licensing opportunities

o Recognizing prospective partners and customers

o Identify innovation suspensions and areas of possibilities in their chosen innovations

o Monitor and review the technological procedure of competitors and also prospective competitors

o Assistance choices on foray as well as investment into particular innovations and sub-technologies

o Security of technological progression of rivals as well as to sharp oneself to brand-new participants to the area

o Spotting of white spaces or possibility areas within a thick technological domain name

o Imaginative tool to mimic originalities and also create new IP

o Enhancing company IP declaring approaches

o Assistance modern technology propositions for large range national and also international degree tasks

o Assistance financial investment and also modern technology due diligence on business

Patent mapping can be an indispensable part of IP management. It can discover beneficial information hidden in patents and can give helpful indicators for technical patterns, market trends, competitors adjustments as well as technical profile as well as technology capacity of a company. License maps are visual representations of patent info that has been extracted as well as accumulated or clustered to highlight details attributes. There is a high degree of flexibility in visualization, which might be in the kind of time-series or as spatial maps. We offer an even more market as well as technology focused analysis of the total set of license portfolio possessions using our patent mapping services. Patent mapping can be utilized to identify the quality of patents with respect to prevailing modern technology and the degree to which licenses impact the technology. This is a beneficial input in innovation sourcing/development and also R&D choices. License mapping can be important for both companies that have an under-utilized license account and are seeking to license/assign it at the most desirable terms, in addition to firms that are considering developing license profile stamina in a particular technological field.

Plain subject specialization is insufficient for this, but analytical thinking as well as developments are very necessary. Today great deals of software program sources are readily available for mapping the patent information, yet almost all are constrained to bibliographic informations. The device work can not be compared to that of human knowledge. Patent mapping needs many abilities. Primarily amongst these is an ability to comprehend the complicated clinical suggestions shielded by the patents themselves. Although it is feasible to develop a license map by examining the connections between licenses without recognizing the subject, such a map is often pointless as well as needs to be refined by somebody who comprehends the details of the particular scientific technique that is the basis of the invention. Hence, I expect that the need for individuals with clinical (as well as design) competence in the field of license mapping gets on the rise. That’s why today great deals of KPO firm are trying to find the appropriate individual as well as there is a significant demand today, which will certainly increase in the future.